EVENT(S): Politicizing a Crisis livestreams — what lies ahead

A cursory glance below shows a huge month of debate on the left’s most difficult questions, on the EDA: Politicizing a Crisis livestream.

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Thursday July 2nd 

The Liberal Within

Aimee Terese / Anton Jäger / Paul O’Connell — @tereseaimee , @AntonJaegermm, and @pmpoc

Late night adults only chat from 10pm UK time

The Bernie and Corbyn movements found success with a new coalition of working class ‘left behind’ voters and downwardly-mobile liberal graduates. Why did this coalition part company? And did the oppositional class interests involved mean it could never have been sustained? EDA are joined by political theorists Anton Jäger and Paul O’Connell, along with “the most cancelled woman on the left”, What’s Left?’s Aimee Terese, for a late night debate on socialism’s most controversial question: what is to be done about liberalism?

Thursday July 9th

Which Lives Matter?

Chardine Taylor-Stone — @ChardineTaylor

8:30pm UK Time

Chardine is an anti-racism campaigner and Momentum NCG candidate, a Black Feminist punk drummer, and the winner of several awards for LGBT advocacy. The EDA team welcome Chardine to discuss racism in Britain, professional class capture of social movements, and how to keep Black Lives Matter socialist.

Thursday July 16th

Lock Him Up!

Aya Gruber — @ayagruber

8:30pm UK Time

How did Women’s Liberation end up helping to remake America as a racialised prison state? The feminist legal scholar Aya Gruber joins EDA to discuss feminism’s collusion with the police state, the submerged conflicts between #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, and her timely and incendiary new book, The Feminist War on Crime.

Thursday July 23rd

Salted Earth

Josie Long — @JosieLong

8:30pm UK Time

EDA are delighted to welcome comedian Josie Long for a hilarious and infuriating discussion of being left wing in comedy through the Corbyn years. As the successes of the 2017 election are erased from the historical record (and its protagonists are marginalised within the Labour Party), Josie and the EDA team will discuss how we are to remember and retain the thrill and optimism of what Corbynism actually got right.

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