EVENT: Idiot Wind with Peter Oborne

Every Thursday throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Everyday Analysis will be hosting political debates, guests and questions on Zoom.


Idiot Wind with Peter Oborne (Thursday August 20th, 8.30pm UK TIME)

A uniquely dissident figure in both his party and profession, Tory journalist Peter Oborne has an unrivalled record of exposing the establishment’s corruption from within its own walls. Peter’s intellectual largesse brings him to Everyday Analysis, to lift the lid on Boris Johnson’s ‘client media’, Britain’s treatment of its Muslim citizens and adventures in the Middle East, and the political assassination of Jeremy Corbyn.

Join via this Zoom Link or using this meeting ID: 842-7238-7631


The Next Expulsions with Saskia Sassen 

As the global economy becomes more complex, it becomes more brutally effective at expelling inconvenient people, populations, and even whole geographical regions from its gaze. Saskia Sassen – one of the most influential sociologists in the world today – joins us to discuss her pathbreaking analyses of globalization, movement of people, and cities, and to assess the new kinds of ‘expulsions’ already evident in the post-COVID global economy.

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